Haier I-Master Series 5 Ideal Temperature Kettle

Black, Stainless Steel 1.7L 3000W
Save £40
Multiple Temperature Options
Save up to 40%¹ energy
Keep Warm function
2 Year Warranty
¹ Energy saving measured considering 0.25L of boiled water as a minimum vs minimum of 0.5L in most kettles

Product description

The Series 5 Kettle redefines the kettle with its elegant metal body, rapid boiling power and custom temperatures. The 7 temperature settings ranging from 40-100°C, provide precise heat for everything from baby food and herbal teas to coffee and everyday brews. With a minimum boil capacity of just 250ml, you'll only boil what you need, while the easy-clean, removable lid ensures it always stays pristine.

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  • 1x Haier I-Master Series 5 Ideal Temperature Kettle
  • 1x User Manual - Please Click Here
  • 1x Base
  • 1x Removable limescale filter
  • 7 temperature settings : 40-100°c
  • Efficient 250ml minimum boil
  • Rapid boiling power at 3000W
  • Keep Warm function
  • Removable lid
  • Max capacity: 1.7L (7 cups)


Ideal Temperature 

Extract the maximum flavours from your delicate herbal teas and coffees, thanks to temperature settings ranging from 70-100°C. There’s also a 40°C setting that can be used to warm water for a baby’s bottle.  


More Power, Less Energy

Save energy thanks to precise temperature control and the single-cup minimum fill level, whilst still boiling in rapid time thanks to the 3000W of power.

Intuitive Controls

Fast and intuitive control of each function thanks to the touch-sensitive base that lights up when in use to show the temperature. You can wipe it clean in an instant, as the sleek design leaves no awkward gaps for dust to accumulate.

Keep Warm

If you're planning to come back for a second cup, press Keep Warm and the kettle will maintain your desired temperature for up to 30 minutes.

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