Health Service Discounts

Do you work within the Healthcare sector? We've partnered with Health Service Discounts to offer exclusive deals across our entire range of small kitchen appliances.

Series 5 Toaster 2 Slice

Ideal for all different bread types, with extra-large slots to accommodate everything from chunky slices to baguettes.


Series 5 Air Fryer XXL 7L w/ Accessories

Voted BEST AIR FRYER by Good Housekeeping 2023, "This Haier air fryer provided consistently crispy results across the board, making it a great choice for delicious fried feasts without all that oil".


Not A Member?

Everyone who works in the NHS, private hospitals, student/trainee, agency/bank staff, GP staff, dental practice, pharmacy staff, hospice staff, all retired staff, healthcare volunteers and healthcare-related charity staff - if you work in the Healthcare sector, you're eligible.

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